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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - January 4, 2012

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Ryan Benton summarized the current scheduled clinics. He discussed the changes in
the schedule to do con?ict some instructors had with the dates planned. Changes
included: Jeff Harris canceling his ReAmp Build scheduled for Wednesday, January
18th, 2012. Benton emailed him to reschedule for Friday, January 20th, but has yet to
receive a reply. Also, Jeff Thomas would like to try a Tube Amp build instead of a Sub-
kick build. Benton emailed Thomas to inquire about moving his clinic to the newly
opened January 18th, 2012 date. A email was also sent to Scott Murray to plan his
Analog Sound Design clinic. Possible dates being discussed are February 1st, February
3rd, and February 8th of 2012. Benton also emailed every instructor of uncon?rmed
clinic dates.

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