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Argentina - November 17, 2011

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On September 29th 2011, the auditorium at Estudio Urbano, in Buenos Aires, was chosen for the start of the "Second Series of Open Conferences in Estudio Urbano; Audio & Acoustics", organized once again by AES Argentina.
This Series consist of a total of ten Seminars from different keynote speakers, each specialized in diverse areas of audio and acoustics, and taking place every Thursday from September 29th until December 1st.

On November 17th Andrea Farina gave a presentation on the characterization of spaces for musical performance.
She discussed the factors affecting the performance of chamber music is the noise level as well as treatments and considerations for a solution. Criteria for acoustic comfort, the sound in enclosed spaces (interior acoustics) and the natural modes of a room, (allocation criteria) were pivotal in her speech. Reverb, materials, and treatment and distribution of acoustic energy across the sound field were also frequently addressed, while the many architectural typologies and the interior acoustic field characterization were explained to an audience of young audio engineers as well as professionals in acoustics. Based on objective and subjective parameters, methods, tools, procedures, and examples of measuring of acoustic enclosures were given. Finally, temporal acoustic parameters for reverberation time (T60, T30, T20, T10, early decay time EDT), energy balance (Clarity, C80, C50, Definition, D80, D50) and space (lateral energy fraction, interaural crosscorrelation coefficient, IACC) were explained, not without examples of the actual work in theaters and auditoriums in Buenos Aires and abroad.

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