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Argentina - November 10, 2011

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On September 29th 2011, the auditorium at Estudio Urbano, in Buenos Aires, was chosen for the start of the "Second Series of Open Conferences in Estudio Urbano; Audio & Acoustics", organized once again by AES Argentina.
This Series consist of a total of ten Seminars from different keynote speakers, each specialized in diverse areas of audio and acoustics, and taking place every Thursday from September 29th until December 1st.

On november 10th, Engineer Daniel Sinnewald addressed the old, current and ever ongoing discussion of "Tubes vs Transistors" from the scientific perspective, while also explaining the artistic frenzy it actually generates. Technical aspects discussed by Daniel included the phenomenon based on the Fourier series and time-frequency analogies, the distortion types involved in each topology, and how their values do not reflect the actual devices performance. Transient intermodulation distortion (TIM) and the final advance of solid state technology over vacuum tubes. ┬┐Topologies or components?. Comparison of the spectrum for the same value of total harmonic distortion (THD) with tubes, field effect transistors (FET) and bipolar transistor were made; symmetry and asymmetry, the preponderance of odd or even order harmonics being shown as the results came on. Objective listening of the intermodulation distortion and unwanted change of pitch phenomena produced by the distortion at different levels and with various musical fragments was done before arriving to conclusions and discussion.
Daniel Sinnewald is an electronic engineer teaching regularly in the departament: "Acoustic and Electroacoustic" at the Faculty of Engineering - University of Buenos Aires. He holds several audio-related patents and has presented his desing at various international conferences. He is current Chairman of Sinnewald Research and Development.

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