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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - November 9, 2011

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Meeting Summary: Andrew has sent an E-mail for the home studio clinic with Dave
Kalberg (game audio) for an exact date for the clinic. However, we still need to clear it
with Jason Losett. We are currently working on a producer clinic which can be ran by
student(s). We need to Contact Chuck Swank(digital instructor) for a mixing in surround
sound clinic. Andrew has also sent an E-mail to Jeff Thomas for the Sub kick clinic.

Next Ideas To Focus On: Anechoic Chamber visit at ASU. Contact Jeff Harris(I.T.
department/instructor) for the D.I./ cable tester clinic and follow up on Jeff Thomas
(Instructor) for the Sub Kick clinic. Contact Nancy Scharlau for the Advanced mixing
clinic. Roughly three quarters of the instructors that Andrew contacts to do clinics are
unavailable or are not interested. We are struggling to ?nd instructors who are willing to
participate in the AES clinics. This is the second E-mail to Jeff Thomas and Dave
Kalberg and we are having trouble getting responses.

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