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I.A.V. Student - June 22, 2010

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The Student section from IAV realized a technical visit to the Mosh studio, localized in São Paulo, Brazil. There was 8 members of the section. We started the visit knowing the VIP Studio, used for mixing and simple recordings, in the past, surround jobs were performed there, but today just the stereo system is being used, we carried on to Studio D, the most modern studio in the complex, it's just one room fitted for surround jobs, the studio is full digital composed with a SSL console and plenty of DIGI 192 for playback, we had the opportunity to do a critical listening, with impressive results, it's sound was amazing.
Then we went to a maintenance room with a closet for the microphones. They have a great variety of microphones, from common to classic, but none of them were ribbon. Maybe the worst problem we found in the studio.
We followed to Studio B, composed by one mixing room and two recording rooms, and finally Studio A, the biggest recording room on Mosh, there was a piano and some divisions, some live DVDs were recorded on this room. With a great variety of external pre amps, they can record plenty of channels simultaneously.
We got to Studio C, just a big room with communication to other studios, used for erudite recording, which requires a live room, and live DVDs. Finishing the visit we knew the Master room.

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