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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 12, 2019

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Audio Alchemist's marek stycos visited our Gilbert campus Thursday, September 12th to host a sonic demonstration and gear showcase. marek has been in the industry by his own estimate for approximately "9000 years", plenty of time to go around the block a time or two! marek represents companies such as Manley Labs, Dangerous Music, Phoenix Audio, Eventide, Jumperz Cables, and Unity Audio. marek spent the day in the Studio C Live Room at the Gilbert campus hosting gear demos for CRAS students during their classes. Then from 7:30pm-11:30pm, stycos, alongside AES, hosted a public event and brought an evening of sonic demonstrations, Thai Food, fancy gear, and GREAT stories! marek brought his entire signal flow from Manley Labs tube microphones, outboard processing units, AD & DA converters, and an array of Unity Audio studio monitors. Starting with the monitors, marek broke down the components and materials used to make the speakers before continuing with an audio demonstration. In a similar fashion, marek also broke down the components making up his racks of outboard gear and the unique functions of the specific equipment. marek took us through his entire signal flow and demonstrated where signal is being routed through the Dangerous Audio converters into the DA "Liaison" which allows for easy access to any outboard gear in your own studio in a very similar fashion to a traditional analog patchbay! He then proceeded to give a compressor demonstration to compare the sonic differences between Manley Labs, Dangerous Audio, and Phoenix Audio compressors. He also did a comparison between his multiple EQs and some effects processors. Lastly, marek demoed his holy trinity of microphones by Manley Labs, and discussed the practical applications of all of them.

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