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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 29, 2019

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As we opened our monday night meeting Peter G. and David K. introduced our AES
student section to the newest addition of students. We then went around the room and gave short introductions of where everyone was from and why they had decided to come to the Conservatory. Some of us had come for post production and live sound while many were interested in music recording, studio work, and more. Peter G. then explained the mission of AES and what we do as an international organization. We then turned the floor over to the mentor section of CRAS. Where they explained what they offer to help students here at the Conservatory. From one on one study sessions, data and file organization, study groups, test reviews, and offering a helping hand to any students confused about a subject or a term. We then went into detail about our upcoming events. Reftones, Baltu Studios, KRK, and Waves all have upcoming dates set to show off their gear/software. Reftones will be talking about why
they make their reference speakers, how they can give you a new perspective on your mixes and why this is beneficial. Peter Costa from Baltu Studios will be discussing VR audio mixing what it entails, and how it will affect the future of the audio industry. KRK will be demonstrating some of their pro audio speakers with a studio session and will be doing a give away. Waves educational instructor will be hosting a masterclass with their soundgrid software and offering certifications in the course, along with announcing their newest plugins and software and an extensive breakdown of what they can help you accomplish in your own mixes. We then opened up the floor for a discussion on AES sub groups after our Monday night meetings. The goal with
these is to bring together our large community of aspiring engineers to research new tech and gear, mixing techniques, and all things audio. We already had a few ideas for topics of discussion and some sub groups that our current chair holders would like to take charge of. Such as a live sound group, a tech group, and a group dedicated to making music within DAW's. A few of the topics our attendees wanted to hear about were how we can make audio engineering more visible within our local high schools, audio business and why it's important to understand the laws and practices behind a successful business, and how artists and engineers are treated by artists within professional settings. After a brief discussion about each of these topics and sharing how we can help bring them to life, we thanked all of the students for coming
and sharing their ideas for how we can improve our student section of AES. It was great hearing about all of the things our community has to offer and how we can bring these things to life.

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