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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 7, 2019

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On July 7th, 2019, at 7:30 PM, the weekly AES meeting at CRAS opened with the introduction of our incominging CRAS AES Student Officeholders, followed by general introductions. There were three new students in their first day of their first week, which garnered applause. Evan then continued by announcing our upcoming events, including our Grad Panel, Focusrite, Reftones, our open house this weekend, and future events through August. We discussed the possibility of Alan Legett doing a 2 day mixing clinic, he requested to do one between Week 3 and Week 1. Cole then walked us through open internship opportunities, including Trunk Space, Nitro Band, and Foothills Community Church. Attendees were reminded that they can earn up to 60 hours of internship time while still on campus. The meeting was then handed to the Mentorship team, who described their upcoming SSL and ProTools reviews. We then opened up the floor to attendees for suggested events, some ideas included Scott Murray's Sound Design Clinic, and possible visits by Mike Dean and/or Dan Beyer. Our meeting then closed with a review Kahoot quiz, with the top 5 finishers winning a candy prize.

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