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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - June 27, 2019

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On June 27th, 2019 Universal Audio representative Dave Casey visited CRAS for an afternoon presentation regarding some of their newest products. Some of this new gear included the OX Amp top box, the new Apollo X interfaces, and the unbelievable Capitol Records Echo Chamber plugin. During the day, Dave assisted the morning and afternoon classes by lending them the OX amp for their guitar clinics. The students tested the parameters of the UA app itself that corresponds with the top box, as well as experimented with mic placement. Some of the current staff at CRAS also assisted with these specific sessions, which only added to the knowledge the students were exposed to.
As most within the audio industry know, Universal Audio, since being conceived by Bill Putnam, holds themselves to a very high standard of work. From their iconic hardware units, to the now revitalized plugin emulations, their reputations are of utmost importance to them. One example of this is their "Console" software that is a standard among their Apollo units. This software runs in front of your DAW, allowing you to track through it using some of the most influential channel strips of all time. These channel strips include Neve 1073's, SSL E Series pre amplifiers, and the iconic Led Zeppelin used Helios Type 69 pre amplifiers.
Dave also went into detail about the ultimate bundle for the live realm that Universal Audio has to offer. These can include the classic 1176 compressor, as well as some of the best EQ's they have to offer. Dave's insight gave attending students a great look into the world of digital audio, and what is next for the company leading some of the biggest developments in history. Not only does Universal Audio have some of the best products on the market in regards to digital audio, but they also have one of the best stories to share about their history. CRAS hopes to see another event of this fashion held by Universal Audio very soon.

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