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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - May 16, 2019

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On the afternoon of May 16th, AES at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences presented a studio managers panel. The panel included Candace Stewart (East/West), Paula Salvatore (Capitol), and Sylvia Massy (Studio Divine). These three powerful women are on the board of directors here at CRAS. The panel started with a brief introduction and then led into their beginnings into the audio industry. Whether it was starting out as an assistant engineer, playing in a reggae band, or even working at a record store, these women worked their way up to the positions they have now. They reminded us to be patient and work hard and the rewards will follow.
The panel talked about some traits they look for in possible interns. Sylvia stated aggressiveness and perseverance are some key attributes she looks for. Candace preached humility and the ability to learn on the fly, and Paula added situational awareness or the ability to read the room. All of them agreed your attitude is one of the most important traits. This led to some stories of good and bad internships. The good consisting of taking initiative and the bad consisting of poor attention to detail.
Next, they brought up the fact that a studio is like a hotel and it is important to maintain a vibe for the clients. Candace stated that some of the best interns have had prior experience working in the service industries In fact, they said they like to see work experience in food service on resumes. The ladies then talked about the interview process and what is expected. Good hygiene and enthusiasm were at the top. A good point was brought up and that is, as an intern you are an investment to the studio and you should show pride and willingness to intern there.
Finally, the panel ended with a Q&A. With graduation approaching for some cycle 12 students, many asked how they could win an internship. Others asked Sylvia about her engineering and producing tactics. Paula and Candace were asked about the operations of running a studio and what it all entails. It was great for the students to hear about the industry from these amazing women and we can not wait to have them back.

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