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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - May 9, 2019

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On May 9th, 2019, the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences Audio Engineering
Society held an event sponsored by Waves, with special guest speaker Chris Lord Alge. During his presentation, Chris went over his background within the record making industry. Starting at the age of 13, Chris was involved with bands and internship studio work, until finally he reached a position at a studio. He quickly learned that mopping the floors of the studio, making the coffee for the engineers, and helping out in any way he could would finally get him a position manning the tape machine controller. Through these sessions, he would learn to be very diligent about his work, and eventually transition to the way he handles mixing today, which includes being very precise and committed to your workflow. Not only did Chris have plenty of information in regards to growing up making records in the 80's, he also brought along his new MixHub plugin collaboration with Waves to talk about.
The MixHub plugin that Chris has been involved with with Waves is a first of its kind. It is the world's first multitrack plugin. By employing Chris's workflow of manipulating multiple sounds at once through a console, you can actually start to get the "CLA Sound", no matter the budget. Speaking of budget, the plugin will only run you $69, which is incredible for the doors being opened to your workflow through this single plugin. By placing all of your independent tracks into folders entitles "buckets" within the plugin, you get a sonic coherency that you simply can only hope to emulate without the MixHub software. Not only was this meeting an outstanding chance for Chris to truly showcase his collaboration with Waves, but the open Q/A between Chris himself and a mix of the public in attendance and students ended the night very well. AES at CRAS and the entire student body look forward to having Chris Lord-Alge visit the campus again in the future.

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