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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - May 8, 2019

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On May 8th, 2019, Wave Plugin's representative Michael Adams and CRAS AES officers held an event in the CRAS live sound venue for students to hear Mr. Adams give a presentation about the history of Waves Plugins, it's assortment of different plugins, as well as insight into his own background and history of his career.
Waves Plugins was founded in the early 1990's, Adams has been invested in this company for several years. He began his presentation this evening with a brief background on how he developed a passion for music, the industry and working from the ground up. Referencing playing in a band at the age of 16, touring over 20 different countries, to working his way up through recording studios with humbling experiences truly got him to his secure position today as a representative with the largest, 3rd party plugin company used worldwide.
Michael then followed up his background story with bringing out a project to mix among all of the students and faculty in attendance. As he went along each track, he heavily stressed to class, to avoid drowning tracks in plugins, he said "Plugins shouldn't be the end result, only to tweak your mix". He began suggesting what he personally thinks help carve out tracks within songs. Adams was extremely helpful to the up and coming audio engineers, suggesting tips and keys to glorify your mix. Not only did he give tips about dealing with audio, but he also enlightened us what to expect in the industry. Proper etiquette, work ethic, and other crucial points that are guaranteed to help you within the audio business industry.

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