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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - April 18, 2019

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On the night of April 18th, 2019, AES at CRAS held a Q&A with CRAS Grad Justin Burba. Justin is a former assistant engineer at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, a former technician at Mara Machines and former owner, chief engineer, and producer at Ram's Head Studio. He is currently a technician for Markey's Renting and Staging flying Big PA's.

After he left CRAS in 2015, Justin moved to Nashville and interned at Welcome to 1979. He informed students about his experience and questions were asked about his internship and what to expect. Aside from his assistant engineer duties at '79, Justin worked under Chris Mara and was a technician for Mara Machines. He installed and delivered tape machines all across Nashville and even to some studios in New Orleans and other states. Justin talked to the students about topics such as tape machines, splicing tape, and tape transfers. During his time at Welcome to 1979, he became an analog expert and even added some Grammy's to his name.

After his time at Welcome to 1979, Justin ventured into live sound and started working for Markey's Renting and Staging out of Indianapolis. He spoke to students about Smaart, Dante, and using big PA systems. He gave insight into what the seventeen hour days on tour are like and gave stories of setting up for the super bowl, and the process of tuning the PA to huge ballrooms.

At the end of the night, Justin answered more of the students' questions and shared
some thoughts on how to succeed in the industry. He also mentioned how to take advantage of the time spent at the school to ensure success.

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