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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 26, 2019

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On the evening of March 26th, 2019, the AES Chapter at The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences held an after-hours event on the topic of Navigating through Ableton 10.1 in our Live Sound Venue.

The event began at 8 PM and was hosted by Javed Butah who is the brand manager for Ableton. To Start off the event Javed went through the basic functions and new
features of Ableton 10.1. He went over basic concepts about how to import tracks into a session as well as introducing new addition such as the new warp function.

As the event went on Javed talked about some new plugins in Ableton like the new
Drum Bass which is a distortion, compressor, saturator, EQ sweep, sine wave resonator, and pitch quantization all in one. Another plugin Javad was excited to show us was the wavetable which was very intuitive synthesizer that is capable of creating complex waveforms. While going over more of the new features in Ableton Javed decided to introduce the new PUSH 2 wavetable to the students. Javad explained how the new PUSH 2 has multiple functions that work side by side with Ableton, which is helpful for creating new sounds on the fly.

After the PUSH 2 demonstration, Javad introduced an artist by the name of Juheun who is a world class techno producer. Juheun has traveled the world playing shows and is now on Octopus Records. Juheun went and broke down some of his songs and explained how he got them to sound a certain way and also showcased how easy it is to maneuver in Ableton for music production. After the event, everyone took a group photo and Javad and Juheun stayed after answering questions regarding the new Ableton 10.1.

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