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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 21, 2019

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On February 21, 2019, Brandon Valfre discussed how he became involved in music and how his love for the art transpired into a full-time career. During Brandon's younger years a child he was introduced to the world of music by his friends and eventually he started buying his own instruments and becoming a singer-songwriter. Finally, he began to grow more engulfed in the process of recording songs. However, the one obstacle that Brandon didn't think of was convincing his parents that music is what he wanted to do and to pursue it as a career. Eventually, his parents came around to the idea of audio as a career. Brandon started his education at Columbia College for music in Chicago. As soon he arrived in Chicago he was searching for an internship, he scoured across the city for leads, and he came up with nothing; however, Brandon was not deterred and kept on searching. Finally, after searching, he found a studio owner by the name of Sam Beckley and eventually started working at a professional studio!
Brandon explains what expectations studio owners when it comes to hiring interns for example; 1. Become a fly on the wall!
A. Just learn and take notes
-"You're here to learn not to make friends."
2. Help Whenever Possible! A. Buy the artist lunch
B. Clean the Studio
-Even the toilets
(This helps you stand out amongst your peers)
C. Help artists with loading and unloading their gear. 3. Make GOOD COFFEE!!!!
4. Keep Learning and NEVER stop HUSTLING
Even though Brandon go the internship at Sam's studio he was still was hustling by working at Bed Bath & Beyond as well as recording people in his closet. Eventually, his hard work paid off and Brandon became a full employee working 50 hrs a week! During this time Brandon was working on his reputation as a engineer while learning better and more efficient ways of mixing. Brandon Touched on a few things that he would help fellow students feel more confident while in the field.
1. Believe in your abilities
2. Stay on the Grind
3. Don't be afraid, jump head first!
4. Keep expanding on what you have learned

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