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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - December 10, 2018

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On December 10th, 2018 the AES TAMABA Student Section held their first yearly meeting. The full-day seminar included the on-stage participation of seven of the most renowned professionals in audio, the members of the Student Section and some students of the school's Sound Technician and Music Production career. Moreover, local AES members were welcomed to join in and participate.
The first presentation started at 9 AM and was leaded by Mr. Indio Gauvron and Dr. Andrea Farina who shared with us their experiences about research in audio. At 9:40 AM student and member of the section Sebastian Cantisano played to a crowd his recording project as he submitted to the Student Recording Competition at the Latin American Conference AES LAC 2018.
At 11 AM, Lic. Ezequiel Morfi went up the stage and presented his work: "Mastering In The Box — Why You Don't Need Anything Else".
At 12:40 pm, again at the main stage, members of the Student Section Pablo Saldaña Soto, Javier Enriquez, Emiliano Busso, Matias Palumbo, Nicolás Saadjian, Matías Cepeda, Sebastián Cantisano and Franco Fondevila presented their research "Latency in Hybrid Mixing Rigs" while simultaneously in another room a small group of visitors had the chance to approach the project "Listening Ideas" also from students Guadalupe Barboza, Abril Moyano and Milagros Zavalia, coordinated by Prof. Fernanda Bolli.
Furthermore students Franco Fondevila and Nicolás Saadjian went on to present their project "Our Own-made Plug-in".
Starting at 1:20 PM students from the Live Recording class showcased their work: "The Roles in Sound" followed by Prof. Eugenio Taboada's Masterclass about the creation in generative audio in DAWs.
At 3:40 PM student and section member Matías Cepeda presented his recording work for the AES LAC 2018 while sharing his travel experience.
The seminar continued with Prof. Gustavo Gonzalez masterclass' "Home Studio Design" right before student Franco Fondevila, awarded of a Silver Award in in Student Recording Competition at LAC 2018 dispensed his own experience.
At 6 PM it was Eng. Andrés Mayo's turn to deliver his masterclass about the vinyl record production process. Right afterwards Washington Theo time for student and member of the section Dominique Silva Cusidó, awarded with the Gold Award at the Student Recording Competition AES LAC 2018 in the Audiovisual Category.
For the closing lecture we had the honor of receiving Mr. José Antonio Orea from the AES Puebla Section in Mexico and his masterclass "Inside The Mix".

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