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Argentina - January 16, 2019

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The first event of the year of the AES Argentina section offered many interesting things: a foreign speaker, a trending topic and attendees who asked several questions enhancing the talk.
The five-hour long event was divided in three parts. First, Mike introduced the historic context of the topic, goals and challenges of the format. Then, in the second part, he covered the similarities and differences between the audio workflow for tv or cinema and the format presented. He also got into the available tools for working on it, as well as aspects to consider of the end-user platform, since the final product will finally be listened on it.
Finally, in the third block, project sessions were opened for the attendees for listening and for explaining more precisely how the workflow was used, what tools were applied and why, how monitors were set up and how was the final stage of material exporting reached.
It should be noted the active public participation that contributed so much to the dynamics of the talk.

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