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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - December 6, 2018

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On December 6th, the AES chapter at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences hosted Universal Audio's, Dave Casey. He visited t talk with students about the company, it's history, and it's products, which can be useful tools in their careers ahead. Mr. Casey started his conversation with the history of Universal Audio, then he moved into showcasing some of the products that they have to offer. He demonstrated the "Unison" technology while having a student play guitar in the studio. Lastly, he took time to sample through a few plug-ins on a previously recorded organ session. The event gave students information, insight, and inspiration into the iconic world of Universal Audio.
Dave gave a knowledgeable view into Universal Audio, which started in the late '50s with the "father of modern recording" Dave Putnam who was a visionary in the design of the module console. He explained how the company has been reborn with his two sons envisioning and adapting to the future, shifting from analog to digital in the form of plug-ins. He described what UAD does differently in the digital game by working with the actual analog manufacturers to make certain that their plug-ins sound authentic. They work to achieve a higher standard by obtaining licensing agreements and working alongside the engineers the analog gear to get their "stamp of approval" to ensure that their plug-ins sound absolutely right.
Next, Dave went into the details of a few of their products. Starting with their popular Apollo Twin MKII, he explained that they're meant to be expanded upon so that as people's studios grow they are able to grow with them. Their Satellite devices are what allows the expansion of the Apollo and other systems. He displayed "Unison," available on all Apollos models, which is revolutionizing the way people are using pre-amps. Then "Console," with direct, low-latency monitoring, which allows the user to track through plug-ins and audition and record them before hitting their DAW. He also introduced students to other products like the OX Amp Top Box, the Arrow (which is a slimmed down, portable option of the Twin), and the Apollo X rack mount 3rd edition.
Dave ended his presentation by answering any remaining questions the students had and asked them about plug-ins they would like to see in the future, further representing what Universal Audio is all about in terms of being excellent at listening to their customers and what they think

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