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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - November 15, 2018

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On November 15th, 2018 the AES chapter at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences hosted Forensic Audio and Video Specialist and USA Forensics proprietor Bryan Neumeister. He shared the story of his path through the audio and visual world and how it added up to bring him to where he is today. He spoke about the interesting facts of his audio/visual forensic work with his company and he left students with the advice they could take with them into the future.
Bryan began his adventuresome career working with the magic of music and the likes of artists such as Blue Oyster Cult. After "aging out of music" as he puts it, he got in front of the mic working for NPR. Then, he moved in front of the camera, working as a reporter for NBC. After getting tired of wearing suits to work, he decided to get behind the camera and up into the skies to work as a helicopter cameraman. It was here that he encountered all sorts of interesting gigs, which included recording gun shoots and weaponry systems for military operations. This eventually led to his work in movies and television, working for icons like Lucas Films. From there, he entered into what his current occupation entails.
Bryan explained how all of his different backgrounds have led to where he is today in his career and how they are what drove him to start his company USA Forensics, which operates out of Phoenix. He described that his occupation now includes working with federal agencies and defense attorneys; he also lends his specialties to causes like The Innocence Project. Bryan has assisted in finding kidnap victims and worked to help solve cases that involve fraud, murder, arson, and bank robbery. He works with everyone from the U.S. military to A-list celebrities, where he assesses their cyber vulnerability. He ensures that he is at the forefront of his field by building his own computers with the fastest and most up-to-date equipment and software. He works tirelessly to do what he loves, and it really showed in his chat with the students.
Bryan wrapped up his talk encouraging students to get out in the world and create experiences which will drive them along the way. He let students know that we are in the right place to learn by doing and that he wouldn't be where he is today without doing all of the interesting and wild things that he has done. His parting words inspired students to get out into their field, be willing to make mistakes, and learn.

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