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Argentina - November 13, 2018

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The Audio Engineering Society Argentina Section took part in the "Conferences on Audio, Sound & Acoustics" organized by the Instituto de Sonido ECOS at Avellaneda's Roma Municipal Theater.
The event started at 2:30 pm and the full-day seminar was divided into four parts:
The first presentation was a conference by Federico Fefo Acosta (founder of Linear-F) explaining the features, technical aspects and connections of the P.A. Linear-F system on stage, talked about the principles of the overall functioning, and how the components were developed. He then showed a live mounting and test of the system, allowing the audience to hear from diverse points of the theater.
María Andrea Farina gave the second presentation "Acoustics and History Of The Opera Houses", speaking about the principal acoustical characteristics of opera theaters and their historical development. She took the time to respond to all kinds of questions from the audience, as they compared the acoustical benefits of different theaters.
The third and final conference entailed a P.A. System adjustment by Jota Picone and Federico Acosta mounting and auditioning the system and testing for good and bad positioning for the speakers. Furthermore, they explained and calibrated the system for the venue.
Lastly, at around 7 pm the stage and system were set up for a live show from the local rock band "Black Velvet" to see how to mount, adjust and hear a live performance of the system and the band.
The AES Argentina Section would like to greatly thank the artists as well as ECOS and their staff for organizing this recurring yearly series of conferences.

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