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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 26, 2018

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Updates to Future Events

Ongoing- Waves Diamond Bundle Raffle - Tickets are $10 each, up to 5 tickets per student. Winner will be announced March 16th.

3/1/18- Scoring Event - Our own Mark Brisbane (who has previously worked with Hans Zimmer) will be holding a Film Scoring Event where he'll hold a clinic about film scoring.

3/8/18- Line Array Clinic - Keith Morris will be giving a thorough, in-depth presentation on the Line Array. He will be using Soundvision to demonstrate how to determine the best place to place speakers in the room. There may be the opportunity to fly the speakers during the presentation.

3/22/18- Mic Build - Purchase a mic kit and then build it! If there is enough interest, new mic kits will be bought. Each mic kit is $20.

4/7/18- Pyramix Studio Tour - After garnering student interest at our recent CRAS Open House, two groups of CRAS students will get to tour the newly renovated Pyramix Studios! They just renovated their control room and would love our input and comments on it. This will be from 1pm - 5pm, and there will be 2-two hour tours: (1-3pm, 3-5pm). Maximum of 35 Students per tour. If interested sign-ups will be released online later this week.

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