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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - January 29, 2018

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"If I could describe NAMM in one or two words it would be 'overwhelmingly vast' but in a good way. There were floors and floors filled with thousands of booths all dedicated to various aspects of the music industry. It felt like being a kid in a giant candy store, if the candy were bassoons, guitars and synthesizers, Oh my! I knew deep down that there were amazing things I was seeing, most of which I wouldn't grasp the magnitude of how awesome it was until years down the line. The whole experience was very educational, passing booths I recognized or ones I was seeing for the first time, I got to learn a lot about the new and upcoming things happening. I know I ultimately didn't get to fully experience everything at NAMM but what I did made me want to return in the future.

Volunteering for AES was a neat venture as well. The staff was professional, friendly and organized. There were some new things being tried out this year as far as layout and types of events being offered, so there was some uncertainty as to how everything would unfold. Nevertheless, the volunteers got together as a team and made sure everything ran smoothly. I learned a lot about myself that day and how I can continue to improve and grow as a member of a team. During downtimes, it was awesome to sit in on the many panels or console workshops that were being taught. All in all the experiences gained from the event-goers, presenters, staff and volunteers, all helped inform AES to create an even better experience for NAMM 2019 and the years following."

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