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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 5, 2018

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2/8/18- Grad Panel
Three graduates Greg Eliason, David Davis, Ike Schultz return to CRAS to share their stories and experiences since finishing the CRAS program.

2/15/18- Waves Live Event
Open to the Public, bring your friends and families. Waves will be showing off some of their products for us. Catering may be provided. Waves is also offering a certification for their SoundGrid Technology to CRAS students. Sign ups will be posted on CC2.

3/1/18- Scoring Event
Mark Brisbane will be holding Film Scoring Event where he teaches the ins and outs of film scoring. Brisbane has worked with Hans Zimmer and has years of experience in the industry.

3/8/18- Line Array Clinic
Keith Morris will be giving a thorough, in-depth presentation on the Line Array. He will be demonstrating how to determine the best place to place speakers in the room using Soundvision. There may be the opportunity to fly the speakers during the presentation.

Mic Build (Yet to be decided, Friday or Week 3 Thursday)
Attempt was made to hold this event at Christmas, but was postponed. People did buy some kits, currently there is only a couple left available to purchase. Now we are polling for new interest, and if there is, more mic kits will be bought.

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