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Toronto - October 24, 2017

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This was a well attended meeting, due in large part to holding it at Revolution Recording, which is a world class facility with exceptional tools; and to the behind-the scenes efforts of the members in the Toronto chapter and their associates.

After the audience was introduced to, and heard his background, Mike Nunan did the introductory talk for the first half of the evening which included some history of television and broadcast quality levels. The talk was a pragmatic look at the practicalities of working with high sample rates. Currently the biggest concern in this discussion is interoperability.

After the break, Donny Chow did a presentation on the math involved and then presented a comprehensive listening opportunity to compare various sample rates, word lengths etc. using pre-recorded tracks to illustrate the audibility of these parameters. This was a great demonstration of how volume changes, and DSP manipulation sound in real-world applications.

A Q&A session followed each presentation.

At the close, Alan Clayton presented Donny with an Toronto AES Certificate of Appreciation and Coffee Mug.

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