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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - November 9, 2017

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On Thursday, November 9th, 2017 CRAS AES Student Chapter welcomed Christian
Salyer to express his experiences and knowledge in the music industry. Mr. Salyer spoke on
how he started and continued to move up in the industry though hard work, perseverance, and
setting goals for himself. He mentioned that he is currently a publisher for his companies, more
specifically mentioning his companies, Blazed Out Music and Current Music (which, and
explained that a publisher's main job is to administrate the intellectual properties of the songs
and music. One of the main focuses of the night was music libraries. He stated that a music
library is basically a catalog of pre-made legitimate and licensed music, usually containing
multiple genres, but that has no famous artist attached to it. The music on such catalogs are
also not typically sold to the general public. The primary purpose of the catalogs is for use in
the TV, Film, and Radio Broadcast industries. Christian Salyer went on to explain some of the
different specific roles and jobs of people working on the sound aspects in the world of film
(music supervisors, music editors, and clearance). Throughout the event, Mr. Salyer provided
multiple life lesson "takeaways." Takeaway #1: Make your client happy. Try to make yourself
happy in the process but always put your client first. Takeaway #2: Decide what you want to do
because if you sidetrack you may not be where you want to be. Having a plan and focusing on
it makes things happen. Takeaway #3: Don't put yourself through the stress of living off of your
art while trying to become great. Finally, Takeaway #4: Your job is to make their life easier
(always, in any job and in life). He also mentioned, that is the way to make money and get rich
(ex. Uber, GrubHub). At the end of the event while wrapping up, Christian Salyer made a
concise takeaway list for us, recapping the previously stated as well as adding another
important one.
1. Treat people right by making their life easier.
2. Be great and do great things. Always go the extra mile.
3. Do things for the long game (Things that are going to benefit you long term).
4. Be a person of integrity and accountability.

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