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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - October 31, 2017

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AES:CRAS welcomed Ike Schultz, a graduate of the Conservatory, to speak on his experience as
a mix engineer since graduating from CRAS. He started off the evening by taking a multitrack
session off of CRAS's servers and showing the students how to better organize it for his specific
workflow. He recommended always starting the session with "Save As" in order to protect
himself in the long run in the event of needing a copy of the original track. He then moves into
what he affectionately calls "Food Grouping," where he color codes the tracks according to his
own key. The whole time Mr. Schultz was organizing his session he emphasized labeling saying,
"you can never have too much documentation."
Next, Mr. Schultz took the session he was working with and manually assessed the beats per
minute in order to make the grid in ProTools be in the correct spot. Mr. Schultz then asked a
student to time him for ten minutes to see just how much mixing he could get done in that
amount of time. When the time was up he explained that he always mixes musically and not
technically, because "nobody hears your ProTools session," when they are listening to your mix.
Mr. Schultz ended the night answering the questions of any and all of the students he could, most
notably leaving the students with a handful of tips to help them succeed in the industry. Tips
from Ike Schultz include: Have people skills, understand what your job is, pay attention to detail,
and if you want to be a music engineer, know about music and especially song form.

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