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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 22, 2017

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Gerald Schoenherr, an instructor at the Conservatory, shared his vast knowledge of all things vinyl with AES:CRAS. He went through the history of vinyl starting with the Edison Phonograph by talking about its precedent as the first machine able to record and playback sound. Mr. Schoenherr went on to explain that vinyl is not only analog, but also acoustic. This is because sound pressure waves cut into a physical medium allowing for playback, acoustically. 78s were the first type of vinyl around, but in 1939, 33 ½ 's came out allowing for unprecedented stereo playback and full albums on a single disk. RCA then went on to create the 45, meant for playback of only one song, giving birth to the single.
Gerald Schoenherr then went through explaining how modern playback of records works. Students learned about the RIAA Equalization Curve allowing for better quality playback of records. Mr Schoenherr also explained in detail how the record mastering and creation process works through detailed slides and video. Of course, there is no better way to understand vinyl than to play it, so Gerald Schoenherr played records for the students to help them understand why it is important to value and preserve vinyl records.

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