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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 21, 2017

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AES:CRAS hosted a synth clinic featuring Scott Murray, one of the instructors here at the Conservatory. Mr. Murray brought in a Roland Juno 60 and a custom Eurorack to demonstrate some of the functions of the gear. He started with the Roland Juno 60 by running through each section of the synth starting with the oscillator. Students were amazed by how nice the Juno sounded with very little manipulation. This was a great stepping stone to explain how synths work.
Next, Mr. Murray moved on to the Eurorack. The Eurorack is a modular synth connected through TT patch cables. He explained that the Eurorack is more difficult to get specific sounds out of, but it can be much more rewarding. After running the students through what most of the modules do, Mr. Murray took time to answer questions from what cities have the best communities for synths, to what it takes to transport the gear for gigs (which he chooses not to do). Scott Murray did a wonderful job explaining and demonstrating synths for AES.

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