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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 7, 2017

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Students who purchased the mic build kit arrived at stations prepared with a soldering gun, solder, pliers, clippers, and a bag of electronic components to build the omnidirectional microphone. They were provided with self-guided presentation slides on how to solder the pieces together. The students were encouraged to ask questions, but also to help each other in completing the build.

As the night progressed, the students, one by one, began testing the soldered mic without its casing on the test mixer. For the most part, this was a successful milestone for many. However, the real challenge was fitting the assembly into the provided case. This is where issues arise, since forcing the mic into the case leads to broken connections and short circuits, leading to multiple trips to and from the mixer.

Nonetheless, some students successfully walked away with a working microphone. It was a humbling experience for the participants to see first hand what goes into building a microphone!

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