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Argentina - September 30, 2017

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On September 30th, 2017 taking place at Tauro Digital Studio's main room this presentation on the preparation of a proper audio-for-film mixing session inside the DAW took place with impeccable coordination among the speakers, who developed a compact and firm thread of diverse topics.

During a six-hour rant Flavio Nogueira (editor and mixer for audio for film), Francisco Bissone (sound designer and post-production audio engineer) and Ivan Markovic (recording and mixing engineer, FX and post-production specialist) displayed a vast array of knowledge boasting great technical talent for working with audio and film. A large amount of material taken from many Argentinian films was used to further illustrate the concepts delivered.

The workshop was divided into three parts, the first one going on about dialog editing, followed by a discussion on creating sound effects (Foley) and lastly, as a grand finale, a mixing session itself.

The AES Argentina Section would like to greatly thank Tauro Digital and their staff for allowing us to fulfill a long-time plan of such a Workshop under the perfect conditions.

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