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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 31, 2017

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AES: CRAS welcomed the Conservatory's own Dave Kalberg & Dante Campana to share with students the challenges and opportunities presented with the world of Video Game Audio. Mr. Kalgerg's company, Ghost Street Games, recently released Alien Tap Attack, a mobile game available on both iOS and Android systems. Among the things discussed were ways to keep a low overhead.  Looking for companies that offered a discount or low cost of entry to new developers became a topic of discussion as Mr. Kalberg offered a few good sources for us as students. His company was able to find ways to cut cost through using Unity Game Engine, Trello, and many other low cost or free alternatives to more costly programs.  

Using both Unity and Wwise, Mr Kalberg demonstrated how audio integration works with a game engine to bring to life the sounds that add to the games, whether they be mobile, computer or platform based. Students also learned that game audio has come to include far more than just implementation, but also the recording that goes along with get the sounds that are needed for the files and libraries needed.

Dave and Dante from Ghost Street Games closed the meeting by showing their appreciation to all in attendance for downloading and making the game an early success. Prizes were given to students who had attained a place on the leaderboards, with the highest rankers receiving items as tone generating tuners, guitar and bass strings, t-shirts and much more. Students and others who have enjoyed this game so far have much to look forward to, as more content is planned in the not too distant future.

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