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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 17, 2017

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PreSonus, based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, visited AES-CRAS to show students all PreSonus has to offer. Micah, the education manager at PreSonus, showed them how the Concord Blue Devils use all PreSonus gear for their marching band competitions. The clarity of sound achieved straight from the football field into StudioOne was impressive.

Students were shown the many different lines of gear PreSonus had been working on over the years and how affordable it all was. StudioLive impressed with the sleek design and easy DAW compatibility for a primarily live sound board. The Quantum Studio Interface showed extremely low latency times and ease of use from the DAW or the interface itself. All of the gear PreSonus brought to the table got students on their feet and interested in what was going on.

Perry, the Artist Coordinator for PreSonus, offered a great amount of hands-on Q&A time for students to find out more about the gear PreSonus had brought with them. The Fader Port 8 was a popular piece of gear for its user friendly design and giving the DAW a physical fader, making in-the-box production more malleable than ever. StudioOne's drag and drop design interested students as a new form of DAW that would be available to them as future engineers.

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