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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - June 19, 2017

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Internship Opportunities/ Michael Nitro gigs:

Jeff Thomas is looking for help in future weekends to build out this studio! He is able to sign internship hours. Please let us know through this email.
This weekend; Saturday and Sunday, starting at 9am

-Friday, June 23rd - Michale Nitro Acoustic - Hideaway,6746 E Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331. Interns 1-2, load in 6pm, gig time 7-10

-Wednesday, June 28th - Michale Nitro Acoustic - Kimmyz Tatum Point, 4601 E Bell Rd, Phoenix. Interns 1-2, load in 5pm, gig time 8pm-12am

3) Event Ideas
Rick Allen - 2nd session
Alan Leget drum editing, or Workflow breakdown on new album, anything melodine related. are you interested in covering anything?
Alex Auto Acoustician
PRG - All encompassing Lights and Audio
Studio Tours
-salt mine
-Flying Blanket
Brock - Logic clinic
Jeff Harris and Bobby Frasier Occilisope
-OG G Bone Tone Boner
-CRAS DI Build
-Guitar Peddle
$20 mini Mic build (switch craft connection)
SubKick Build

There is a possibility of launching a CRAS Internet Radio Station that will be ran by the students and we'd like to reach out and see what type of student involvement we would get. Is this something the students would like to be a part of? Are students willing to host 30-60 minute blocks on the station?

-7pm-1am 7am-930am Week days, 24 hours Saturday - Sunday
-might get elective hours
-not sure the cycle minimum requirement
-anything in the segment, don't break any laws

Fund Raising Ideas for AES?

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