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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - May 22, 2017

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June 15th Silvia Massey teaming up with SSL considering different times still! Bringing SSL DUALITY
Waves Plug ins $10, winner will be announced June 1st

There is a possibility of launching a CRAS Internet Radio Station that will be ran by the students and we'd like to reach out and see what type of student involvement we would get. Is this something the students would like to be a part of? Are students willing to host 30-60 minute blocks on the station?
-What kind of format, other show formats?
-would you be interested in playing your own recorded projected/original work
-would you be interested in participating/listening to theme based hour shows
would you listen? would you tell others about it?
would you like us to offer archived studios?
would you get hours for participation?
guest speakers?
would you be interested in interviews with staff
do you have former radio experience
can you book out studio time slots?

Updates to future events:
Rick Alan - May 25th this Thursday in the Studio A SSL - talk about game audio, sound design.
Internship Bootcamp June 8th
-Live sound set up
-studio work
-interview process
-Memorizing practice (food orders, prep)

Michale Nitro Acoustic - Interns 1-2, load in 515, gig time 6-10 Friday 5/26
Jeff Thomas needs help this weekend with building his home studio and will offer internship hours!
Event Ideas:
Dynamo June 29th
Alex Auto Acoustician
PRG - All encompassing Lights and Audio
ASU - Anacoic chamber
Studio tours
-salt mine
-Flying Blanket
$20 mini Mic build (switch craft connection)
-CRAS DI Build
-Guitar Peddle

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