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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - May 25, 2017

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Sound design (wikipedia)

"a chance to use all the knowledge, and techniques, to apply to Sound Effects.
Take the rules, and bend them, know WHY you are doing it."

Worked for Kontact first by creating his own unique sounds

Recorded sounds for TESLA
"because the engine doesn't make a lot of noise he focused on tire sounds"

"finds that using organic sounds helps the mind connect with a familiar sound, then stand out"

tips and tricks!
wear comfortable shoes
control your breathing
loose clothing
bring extra batteries, and back up equipment
think about temperature and moister (condoms)
Location, Location, LOCATION
Plan ahead with safety equipment
Scouting location (what is going on in that location during certain times?)
setting volume levels (there are recorders that will record 2 files)
sound effects (slate everything, keep as many notes as you can!) (Soundminer-meta data for sound effects) Keywords are extremely important*****
keep an eye out for "hazardous duty mics"
think about phase constantly
be careful about sample rate (keep a high sample rate) earthworks, sennhiser 2080
Think about your Mic Pre Amps for your sounds.

sennhiser 2080
Mic Techniques
xy for stereo
parabolic mic
cardioid for windy situations
what can the mic handle?
contact mics

Hands on!

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