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Japan - April 21, 2017

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AES Japan section corporate to make session called 'Recording Seminar of the DSD Trio' with APRS(Japan Association of Professional Recording Studios) as 'Research on recording technology in 3D audio' on 11th March 2017. Toru kamekawa (The professor of Tokyo University of Atrs, AES Vice President International Region) record the DSD trio (Mataro Misawa - Drums, percussion, Akira Inoue - Synthesizer, keyboards, Hideo Yamaki - Drums) and mix down to stereo and 3D(22.2 format). Toru Kamekawa explained the details of recording work such as microphone setup, format, recording system, and direction for the recording. Especially, attendees was impressed with the difference between stereo and 3D(22.2) sound and also two types of approach for 3D(22.2) mixing, one is focusing to reproduce recording site spacial audio and another one is featuring flexible mixing to design 3D music.

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