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Toronto - March 28, 2017

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Evan Desjardins introduced Mitchell Akiyama and gave a brief background.

Mr. Akiyama began his presentation discussing his background in more detail. He is a Toronto-based scholar, composer, and artist. His work includes writings about plants, animals, cities, and sound art; scores for film and dance; and objects and installations that trouble received ideas about history, perception, and sensory experience. He holds a PhD in communications from McGill University and an MFA from Concordia University.

Most of his creations are installations. He played short excerpts of his work throughout the presentation and explained the genesis, inspiration, and development history of each. He talked about some of the difficulties and abandoned concepts. This was especially made prominent with the discussion of his final piece in this presentation 108 Specters of Release.

A long Q&A/discussion period closed the presentation.

Frank Lockwood presented Mitchell with a certificate of appreciation and Toronto AES coffee mug.

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