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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 27, 2017

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AES Logistics
Jeff Thomas came into the meeting to discuss further about the mic build. We decided to get as many names as we can by next Monday. If that exceeds 10 people then Jeff will get a discount.

Updates to future events
April 6 — Internship bootcamp! Details TBD. Reamp clinic will be moved to a weekend possibly.
April 13 - Guitar tech clinic with Dave LaBounty
May 5 - Possible tour of Fivethirteen Recordings

Michael Nitro gigs:
Wednesday 3/29 - Kimmyz Tatum Point, Phoenix, load in 6pm, gig 7pm, 2 interns
Friday 3/31 - Hideaway, Cave Creek, load in 5:15pm, gig 6pm, 2 interns
Saturday 4/1 — Roadhouse, Cave Creek, gig 6pm, gig 9pm, 4 interns

Event Ideas
Jeff Thomas is open to other builds, like a new subkick design
May gauge interest in open mic/talent show and survey possible dates through Google Forms

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