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Argentina - April 10, 2017

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On Monday, April 10th the Argentinian Section held its monthly Committee Reunion. Present at the meeting were: Paula Andruskevich, Fernando Bacigalupo, Nahuel Benítez, Ezequiel Colavita Ramón Gallo, Indio Gauvron, Iván Markovic, Ezequiel Morfi, Hernán Ranucci, Cana San Martín, Pipi Sanchez.
During the gathering these topics were discussed:
1. CAPER: Proposal to move our Master Class to the less-concurred day of the Expo, Friday, October 27th. Topic of the Master Class remains "Live Sound" (The day's topic at this year's CAPER). Indio's keynote remains yet undefined for Thursday or Friday.
2. SALTA: Last few details were shared among the Members of the Committee; special emphasis was made in the fact that this event will not result in major spending of money by us.
3. EMA 2017 (CARAS & CARETAS): Time has run out to produce the planned videos about Argentina's 'national industry'; it was therefore decided to let the time gaps in between the three panels of the EMA be utilized by different non-profit organizations for them to comment on their activities — participations are yet to be confirmed.
Roles and occupations among the Members of the Committee for the EMA2017 event were defined.
4. RELATIONSHIP AND MANNERS INSIDE THE COMMITTEE: a few moments were spared to talk about the good manners thru which to interact between the members of the Committee in search for a better, less-tiring group dynamic.

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