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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 6, 2017

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AES Logistics
No event this Thursday, as Dave Kalberg's event is postponed.
Waves bundle raffle! The Waves Platinum, a plugin raffle retailing $2000 will be raffled off. Tickets are available for purchase at the front desk of either campus, or directly from Dave Kohr.

Updates to future events
Feb 9 - Dave Kalberg event postponed! Reschedule date TBD
Feb 15 - Phoenix Ableton User Group at 950 S Forest Mall, Tempe, AZ - Stauffer Communication Building B Flex Room 7pm - 9pm (Note - not AES affiliated)
Feb 16 - SSL will be visiting CRAS
Feb 23 - Focusrite will be visiting the school
March 2 - Neat Microphones will be visiting, and possibly a representative from KRK as well
March 16 - We will host RØDE Mic
March 23 - Scott Murray's modular synth clinic
April 13 - Guitar clinic with Dave LaBounty

Michael Nitro gigs
Friday - Ghallagers, Phoenix, load in at 4:30PM, gig from 6pm-10pm, up to 2 interns
Saturday - The Monestary, Mesa, load in at 6PM, gig from 9pm-1am, up to 4 interns

Event Ideas
Reamp build clinic - Need to reach out to Jim Bender and/or Jeff Harris to plan
Touring Fivethirteen Studio - Catherine wants 1 month in advance - should confirm date soon
Engaging with ASU music community - rekindle this idea? Need to brainstorm actionable ideas
Large condenser mic build with Jeff Thomas - still need 10 people to commit to get the discount

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