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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - December 5, 2016

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AES Logistics
Meeting began at 8:00pm sharp!

Updates to future events
Thursday, December 8 - Mic build is at the Gilbert live room. Buy your kits at front desk of either campus for $20 cash
Guitar pedal build - Yochanan and Kevin have acquired a tube overdrive pedal. Will try to build it during the mic build event and report back
Sunday, December 11 - Gerald Schoenherr is moving his studio to his new house. Open to 12 people max to come view the pre-build this Sunday to discuss and ask questions.
Thursday, January 12 - Alien Tap Attack release - Dave Kalberg would like to have a release event and showcase for his new app. Need to confirm location and logistics.
NAMM - The 25 tickets are officially accounted for! We will put everyone else on a waitlist - Need to talk to Lucas to arrange for the missed days. If other people want to go, tickets are $50!
Independent Music Industry (IMI) Conference - attend this conference instead if interested in the concert promotion side of audio industry

Studio tours - Saltmine and Fivethirteen have been open to tours in the past
Student concert - We need Nico's help booking out the live sound room. A few of us are also going for the certification.
Drum tech clinic - CJ got Dave Kohr's ok - AES has purchased a drum set! AES members can now check out drum sets for sessions!
ASU hosted Ableton event - no details on date/time/location. Dave Kohr will get back to us.

Friday, December 9 - Michael Nitro band has a gig at Roadrunner in Phoenix. Load in at 4pm, show from 7pm-11pm, up to 6 interns wanted.

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