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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - November 7, 2016

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AES Logistics
Meeting started on time at 8pm. As per usual, we went through the upcoming confirmed and TBA events, then opened up the floor to ideas.

There is no AES event this Thursday. Good luck everyone on their respective tests!

Updates to future events
Remix contest - We are extending the due date of the mix submission to a date before Christmas break. In the mean time, please submit your samples in the Google Drive folder!
Pro Tools clinic with Phil Nichols is confirmed Thursday (Nov 17), 8pm at Gilbert Live Room!
Mojave / BAE joint clinic is confirmed Tuesday, November 29 we will announce details shortly!
All Women's Event is confirmed Friday, December 2nd. Everyone is welcome. Please be respectful!
There will be a Mic Build on Thursday December 8th. The build kit can be purchased for $20 from either campus's front desk.
Mike Ziemer and Independent Music Industry (IMI) Conference on January 11th - 13th - Pre-register to get more information, as well as pay $50 to hold your spot
Advanced soldering clinic and Stereo DI build with Jim Bender - Both may be pushed to 2017 - will follow up with Jim to find dates

Nitro band is interested in a live band set up and break down clinic.
CRAS music festival - outdoor event with CRAS and invited performers? We could even reach out to food trucks to come and possibly sponsor.
Faculty showcase concert - The students will do the set up, the instructors will be the performers.
Alan Rosales, who organized the 50 Cent concert, may be interested in having CRAS interns - Tak will follow up with Alan
Connect with ASU student body and departments
Dave Kohr will need to hammer out the logistics involved with CRAS reaching out as organiztion
Individual students are welcome to invite bands for their project
Music department as well as film department could be contacted
CJ may have a contact at the ASU music department
Christmas party? - School is out Dec 17th so we could have an AES sponsored get together.

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