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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - November 28, 2016

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AES Logistics
The meeting began at 8:02PM. We had several first cyclers joining us. Welcome! We had the Mojave / BAE joint gear showcase event at Gilbert Studio A. We had a great turnout, with our own very talented student performers!

Updates to future events
All Women's Event is Thursday, December 1st! Location is 8pm Gilbert Live Room - 4 women CRAS grads, discuss their experiences. There will be PIZZA! Will advertise as such!
Mic Build is on Thursday, December 8th. Buy your build kit from the front desk for $20 from either campus.
Guitar pedal build - Yochanan ordered a pedal, and will try the build with Kevin Strange. They will report back on whether it is a good build for AES members to try
DI build/reamp build and advanced soldering clinic - Jim Bender is interested, but will need to price out the parts. Will follow up in 2017!
Guitar tech - Dave LaBounty has indicated he is interested, but we will need to follow up in 2017 for dates.
Gerald Shoenherr's new studio - He is open to showing a handful of AES members pre and post studio build at his home studio.
Dave Kalberg - interested in having a live stream of his game app release in the CRAS YouTube channel. Looped in Robert Brock and Dave Kohr in the conversation
NAMM - Josh will send out more details re housing, transportation, etc. Talk to your instructors and Lukas about the absence!

Internship opportunities
Michael Nitro band has gigs on Friday and Saturday. Highly recommended for anyone interested in live sound!

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