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Toronto - October 25, 2016

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The Toronto AES Section held its annual meeting covering the 141st convention. This gives members who couldn't attend an opportunity get notable highlights.

John Vanderkooy headed off the meeting discussing what he felt were some of the more interesting papers. He also included three papers from the Paris convention. He noted that the papers he left out of his presentation dealt more with subjective viewpoints. He covered a total of 18 papers, many of which focused on speaker distortion. An audience discussion opened up about speakers during and after John's talk.

After a break, Jeff Bamford led the second half of the meeting. Many of the workshops Jeff highlighted discussed broadcast audio while others focused on Acoustics and Perception.

One of the take away's Jeff noted, from a Network Audio workshop, was that gear was becoming secondary and the recording itself was the primary importance. A workshop concerning 'The Perception of Delay Between Left and Right Stereo Signals' created a lot of discussion among the audience when Jeff mentioned some test findings that it only took 40 micro-seconds for participants to detect a shift.

Alan Clayton followed Jeff's presentation. There was some overlap with Jeff's and John's presentations in the sense Alan covered some of same papers, but the different perspective Alan offered was interesting and welcome.

Ron Lynch's presentation closed the meeting. He covered broadcast Workshops (Immersive Audio) and technical tours. He also talked about some of the hardware gear that were displayed and demonstrated, including AVID's DAD Digital Audio Router/Converter with TAC VMC — 102 controller, and MTRX. On JBL's speaker demos involving the LSR705i and 708i models, he was particularly impressed with their low end, given their compact size.

At the end of the meeting Frank Lockwood gave the presenters certificates of appreciation and AES coffee mugs.

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