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Toronto - September 28, 2016

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Frank Lockwood introduced Doug McClement. Frank also thanked executive committee member Blair Francey for facilitating this meeting. Doug has done numerous presentations for the Toronto AES chapter covering sound at prestigious sports events, including this talk for the Olympics in Rio.

Doug began with how he got to be involved in the Olympics and continued by discussing the role of the Olympic Broadcast Systems (OBS) and its background. Basically the OBS is responsible for delivering the images and sounds of the games via television from every venue.

The presentation also covered his specific responsibilities at the games which was Audio Production Quality Control (APQC). He discussed its functions, his supervisors, the equipment available, how events were monitored, and how various technical problems were dealt with.

The talk was enhanced with many of Doug's detailed photos and videos of the venues and the control rooms.

After the break, things relaxed somewhat with Doug sharing videos he took of various locations inside and outside of the Olympic complex during rare free 'tourist' moments, simply to give an idea what it was like to be there.

In closing, Doug said he was impressed with the overall quality of the production and the desire to put out a really good product.

Finally, Frank presented Doug with a Toronto AES certificate of appreciation and AES coffee mug.

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