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Japan - August 22, 2016

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Regular technical meeting of AES Japan Section, was held in the "Socio-acoustic studio" , which was established this spring in the Kansai University Senriyama campus. The studio is capable of 3D sound reproduction.

Professor Miura explained how the studio was planned and completed, the design concept of the studio. Mr. Nakahara explained the room acoustics of the studio. Mr. Nomura explained the of MADI network environment. For demonstration Dolby Atmos Bru-ray Disc trailer was played back.

The "Nuendo ver 7.1" of Steinberg, Inc., which was announced in the summer, was introduced by Yamaha Music Japan: features and workflows for the new generation 3D sound production, such as compatibility with "3D Panner" and Dolby Atmos content production, were explained with some audio demonstration.

Professor Kamekawa explained the 3D music content production.?Two recordings, which were made on two layers of height, lower and upper, in environment of classical music performance.

Introducing the demo work, we listened two works what was recorded by dividing the classical music of the natural sound field in the upper and lower layers.

Finally, Misaki Hasuo of Tokyo University of the Arts explained her recording in terms of planning, adaptation, sound design, recording , and mixing. She also sound-demonstrated the work.

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