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Argentina - April 28, 2016

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On April 28th at the "Caras y Caretas" Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the local Audio Engineering Society Section put together their so-called "First Multi-disciplinary Event" of 2016. There was great support from many of the most important companies across the country and a large and varied audience encompassing students, teacher, professionals and hobbyists alike who had travelled from different parts of Argentina as well as from Uruguay.
The goal set by the Argentinian Section was to gather a group of renowned professionals from different areas to take part as keynote speakers, all in one place. There were a total of eight presentations, each one with respective a Q&A session before the end. It was a nine-hour day full of updating information and riveting demonstrations.

The different presentations were:
- "The Treasures from Abbey Road", by Max Scenna: A guided tour through the most famous studio in the world, given by an engineer who has already recorded a number of albums there.
- "Loudness and Homogeneity of Levels in Audio Broadcasting", by Victor Acuña: An analysis of the normalized loudness measurement techniques to this day and the description of his very own model, as presented and published by AES in its Journal in 2015.
- "Wireless Microphones — Analog versus Digital Technology", by Mariano Pichot: Different perspectives on the several types of wireless communication forms for microphones, evaluating advantages and disadvantages of the new technologies.
- "Digital Audio Transport System", by Hernan Ranucci: A description of the most used standard in digital audio transport systems with practical examples.
- "Inserting Plug-Ins into Digital Consoles — From Studio to Live", presented by Pablo Peyrano and Juan 'Cana' San Martin: The different types of native and external processes taking into account communication protocols, their advantages and disadvantages.
- "Recording and Streaming of Lollapalloza 2016", by Nestor Stazzoni, Norberto 'Vasco' Hegoburu, and Gustavo Iglesias: The engineering and the rig used to register and transmit one of the most complex festivals in Argentina.
- "Virtual Reality Audio", by Andres Mayo: The details of the techniques used in a field that although still a novelty is already a worldwide tendency.
- "From Studio to Live", by Ariel Lavigna and Emiliano González: The collaborative work of a music producer and a live sound engineer with one single artist, and the challenges to elevate the artistic experience in both worlds.

It should be noted that the whole event was recorded and will be made available online soon.
We hope to be able to repeat this type of activities and don't doubt that it will be very soon!

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