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Southwestern College - May 20, 2016

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We held an end of semester student showcase/competition. The event started with members being treated to pizza and soft drinks. The students engaged with one another about their semester projects and future collaboration. There were 8 submissions in total and 2 of those were videos. We began the meeting by thanking all of those who submitted and explained how the process would unfold. The officers would show a project blindly, in order to eliminate any possible bias, and then once said project finished the respective student would come up before the other members and explain their process. Each process was inherently different but equally creative, and projects ranged from various practices of audio. After each project was showcased, members voted on which project was best in regards to originality, musicality, and mix quality. The winner this semester was one member, Nicky Glassez and his project which was a song.

After the showcase Professor Henry shared some words about the studio out-reach program for high-school students who have taken audio classes and who are entering college. He stated that July and August were good times to recruit from Chula Vista High School that effectively offers various audio classes under John McCourt.

After this we unveiled our planned summer event schedule which includes a bonfire in which members are encouraged to bring various students who are interested in audio in order to potentially recruit. We also want to allow our current members to get to know one another even further. The next event we announced was the trip to the Los Angeles Chapter meeting about the future in audio for television.

Finally we announced a walk-through of Del Mar fair's audio set-up, where an audio professional will talk about how each stage implements their audio and how exactly the process of each event works. Professor Henry gave some final words about our student section, speaking of the importance of staying active as a section at all times, as well as an integration of the various colleges of audio in the San Diego area.

Overall this meeting was important to showcase each member's hard work in their respective study of audio as well as inform about a busy summer schedule.

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