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Southwestern College - February 19, 2016

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Our Chairman, Julian, opened the meeting by welcoming new, old, and prospective members. This was the first meeting since the establishing of the new cabinet. Julian engaged students by asking what their audio interests were, and various answers included interest in live audio, studio recording, film and television audio, etc. Our Vice Chair Austin then showed students the AES website and demonstrated how to sign up. Our main success during this meeting was sharing what previous events our members had attended, and what opportunities were available; events such as NAAM, and the various Los Angeles chapter meetings. This made it clear what benefits are available to active members. Lastly we went over upcoming events including planning our attendance for the next LA Chapter meeting which occurred the following Tuesday. We made a good presence at the meeting having over 10 students in attendance. At the meeting we were able to learn the craft of score mixing for film and television, and met with professional score mixers Robert Fernandez and Jason LaRocca.

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