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Southwestern College - October 14, 2015

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Our meeting started with our Chair giving the members a presentation regarding what job opportunities are possible in the audio industry. The careers included were in industries such as video game, film, television, broadcasting, live sound, touring engineer, and many more. Furthermore, our advisor Professor J. Henry gave important input as to how to break into the industry, which included tips from his Music Business/Career Overview course. His input was very informative to our newer members, as they have not been exposed to these various fields. Our hopes are that this information helped them form an idea of what they wish to get out of the audio world.

The next segment in our meeting consisted of the officers introducing a project for the members to demonstrate their audio capabilities. The task was to record natural sounds and manipulate them into drum beats, melodies, and other key details that make up a song/piece of music. The officers showcased an example of their own creation that was made up of a cell phone dropping, running water, dialing tones, an organ, and other unusual sounds. We've given the members until the date of November 6th to complete this task, as this will be the next meeting date when we return from the 139th AES Convention in New York.

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